[opencms-dev] Current Weather Module

Steele, Jeffrey steelej at DCSC.GOV
Wed Jun 18 23:19:01 CEST 2003

Much thanks to Stephan Hartmann who provided the last bit of advice I needed
to complete my weather conditions module. This module will parse an html
page from weather.noaa.gov and create a file with an html table of current
weather conditions in a specific city. That file can be included in a jsp
file or template. Weather.noaa.gov has conditions for many of US and
international cities. I believe this module will work with any of those
cities, but I've only tested it with Washington, DC USA. 

One caveat, while working on this, I've found that weather.noaa.gov changes
the amount of information they provide. For instance, today while it was
raining, there was a row labeled "Weather" that said "Light Rain". After the
rain stopped, that row disappeared. I've designed the module so as to
include the "weather" row if its there, but there may be other rows that
come and go that I don't know about. 

The attached zip archive contains a Readme, a source file, and an OpenCMS
module.  The module runs as a "Scheduled Task".



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