[opencms-dev] Channels

Urich, Chase ChaseUrich at letu.edu
Wed Jun 18 19:28:01 CEST 2003

I successfully used some of the methods you listed to get the list of
channels and iterate across them. Now ... I'm lost as to how to retrieve
channel information (such as title) when the only identifying
informaiton I have is the path of the channel. I do not have it's ID,
nor do I know hw to get it.

Is there any real documentation pertaining to channels anywhere? If I
knew where to look for some of this, I'd do it on my own. Aside from
searching the source code for the methods I've been given here
(CmsChannelContent), I have not had any luck on my own location classes
that pertain to channels.

Chase Urich
LeTourneau University
Web Programmer

"you can read all channels of a ContentDefinition with the method
getAllSubChannelsOfRootChannel and then iterate over these channels. to
get all channels of a cd you may use getChannels or getSelectedChannels
(this cuts off the root channel)."

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