[opencms-dev] Problem after publishing ...

Joachim Arrasz info at arrasz.de
Wed Jun 18 14:20:02 CEST 2003

Hello List,

i`ve built a sitemap jsp, which works fine in offline mode, but when i
publish this page, it doesn`t work well.I suppose that the reason is a
scurity mechanism which i built in. It works like that: When a user loads
the page the first time the mainPath from the diretory will be set into
the session. The code is:
    getSession(true).putValue("MainNavPath", stringMainNavPath);

I use the same contruct of code for the security :

    getSession(true).getValue("MainNavPath") != null

Is it possible that i have to use a session Object over the flexcache
mechanism? And when, in which way i shoud do this.
Bye Achim

P.S Sorry for my bad english ;-|

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* @mail arrasz at synyx.de
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