AW: [opencms-dev] Static exort of module recourcese

Ulrich Rueth ulrich.rueth at
Tue Jun 17 22:42:01 CEST 2003

Hi Roland,

when you create a module, by default it is set to "export=false" in the
properties of your my_module folder. If you remove this property, everything
is exported statically. You should rather define this "export=false"
property more fine grained, i.e. for every subfolder of your module or even
deeper (in case you do not want everything to be exported).

Another hint: The stuff is exported by OpenCms into a folder starting with
/system/modules/my_module/... You probably don't want this on your web
server. Therefore, for every folder of your module which you export, define
an additional property called "exportname" and give it a reasonable value.

Example: I have a folder /system/modules/my_module/resources/css/ which I
want to export statically. Therefore this folder has no "export=false"
property, but rather a property "exportname=/my_module_css/". Like this, all
files from this folder are exported to /my_module_css/.


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> Hi
> How can I export recources in a module?
> Here an example:
> I have a image in /system/modules/my_module/recources and had links in
> some elements of my templates.
> What is needed to export this images and convert the links to a static
> export?
> I didn't find any hint in the archive of the mailinglist.
> Gruss
> Roland Ribi
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