[opencms-dev] Source Code of javabeans from Rene Hinojosa & Tecnical question

Pierre Tissot Pierre.Tissot at cern.ch
Tue Jun 17 09:52:01 CEST 2003


I what to know if somebody have de source code of de news modules make by Rene 
Hinojosa with javabens - newshack.zip.

I'm starting in the openCMS world and I'm studing what is the better way of 
doing it. I want to buit a portal with multiples modules, and I dont know 
what tecnologie to use. I was thinking of using xmltemplates, beaucause it's 
the only example that I have in source code. But know that I see that we can 
use servlets, taglib, javabeans I dont know was it the best strategie.
I hope with the experience that some poeple have here can led me to the best 

Best Regards

> Pierre,
> Rene Hinojosa posted a working version of the news module for v5.O some
> time ago in this mailing list.
> It is not yet a self-containing module but follow the installation
> instructions in NewsHack.zip and you'll get it up and running.
> David
> news.zip  -- news module by Antonio Reyes
> newsdemo.zip -- demo using xmltemplates
> newshack.zip -- javabeans with docs from Rene Hinojosa
> News.sql -- script to create the necessary news tables

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