[opencms-dev] Lost in opencms space!

guenter strubinsky strubinsky at acm.org
Mon Jun 16 23:54:01 CEST 2003

I love the concept of opencms and you proved its viability. I just am
completely lost as a result of your storing sources into the database since
it keeps me from analyzing and understanding the principles.


I see it works, cool. But I would love to see for example the demo
application as a directory on my tomcat. How can I facilitate that. I seem
not to find the startpoint. There is excellent documentation for certain
aspects but no reference manual -at least I don't find it-


Is there a general introduction about:


How to create the main template (exists)

go from there: build the index.jsp/index.html

add functionality like search

How to link from within a page (I doubt it's as simple as <a href /> since
the vfs would oversee the translation to uri's or wouldn't it.)

Virtual directory support for apache like all graphics in


I am sure it exists, but I don't find it.


Is there a reference manual with all <cms: > attributes and messages and the
other objects available?


I don't even know what to ask.


I would be totally happy if you could tell me how to get all the source code
of the demo app into tomcat so I can browse and start to understand.


I feel silly having to ask this question, I just don't know where to start;
let me assure you that I have a few years of JAVA/JSP/tags, so am not a
complete ignoramus, just lost in the wood.


If anybody can show me the light? I would hate to give up since the system
seems extremely powerful and versatile.


With best regards


guenter strubinsky


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