[opencms-dev] Channels

Stephan Hartmann beffe at beffe.de
Mon Jun 16 23:00:02 CEST 2003

Hi Chase,

you can read all channels of a ContentDefinition with the method
getAllSubChannelsOfRootChannel and then iterate over these channels.

to get all channels of a cd you may use getChannels or
getSelectedChannels (this cuts off the root channel)

the master module is part of opencms and the source can be downloaded
from opencms.org.


getAvailableChannels(CmsObject cms)
Am Mon, 2003-06-16 um 21.41 schrieb Urich, Chase:
> Is it possible to have a detail page listing the contents of a channel
> AND it's sub-channels. Suppose I had the following as channels:
> /jobs/
> /jobs/it/
> /jobs/hr/
> /jobs/faculty/
> Would it be possible to create a list of ALL jobs in all
> channels/sub-channels? I don't have any problems reading the list from
> any given sub-channel, but when I specify the root "/jobs/" channel, I
> get nothing (all jobs are classified in a sub-channel, none are assigned
> to the root level).
> Next item ... Can I get a list of the channels that an item belongs to?
> For instance, if I had a job that was in /jobs/it/ and /jobs/hr/, can I
> read that list of channels from the item? I don't appear to have the
> source code to the CmsMasterModule (or any of the com.alkacon.* files)
> which appears to implement many of the things I seem to have questions
> about, so I cannot 'peek' into the code to figure things out. 
> Also, I seem to be having a great deal of difficulty finding
> documentation regarding custom sort/filter methods for channels. Is
> there anyone/anywhere I can find more information about this?
> Thanks,
> Chase Urich
> Web Programmer
> LeTourneau University
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