[opencms-dev] Channels

Thomas März thomasmaerz at gmx.de
Mon Jun 16 22:58:02 CEST 2003

"Urich, Chase" <ChaseUrich at letu.edu> writes:
> Also, I seem to be having a great deal of difficulty finding
> documentation regarding custom sort/filter methods for channels. Is
> there anyone/anywhere I can find more information about this?

There have been some mails on this list, don't even know if they are
mentioned in the documentation.

At least you got further than me. You are using channels and I still
have only a little clue about channels.

If you don't mind, you could give us an example using them.
Is it like using the same content on different pages? Yes, I think so,
but what is the big difference between channels and including
"channel"-files into specific folders? E. g. /include/jobs/newJob.inc to

And what is the advantage of using BackOffice modules before using
resp. including a software to the template? I mean OpenCms only for
content and templates and the rest is done by other software?
Apart from the user authentication. Why don't use even a PHP forum with
OpenCms? Or any other scripting language?

I never tried to integrate JetSpeed, but I am using a PHP-forum of which
the layout is still controlled by OpenCms. PHP is _just_ an example. The
integration of different software has to be done by the template, this
is in my opinion the easiest way.

For sure there are still some requirements I didn't even think about -
as mentioned user authentification, also link management, etc, - but
some of you are taking OpenCms and BackOffice as the only solution.

I hope this could start a general discussion using different approaches
for different problems.

Best Regards,
Thomas März

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