[opencms-dev] Channels

Urich, Chase ChaseUrich at letu.edu
Mon Jun 16 22:25:02 CEST 2003

Is it possible to have a detail page listing the contents of a channel
AND it's sub-channels. Suppose I had the following as channels:


Would it be possible to create a list of ALL jobs in all
channels/sub-channels? I don't have any problems reading the list from
any given sub-channel, but when I specify the root "/jobs/" channel, I
get nothing (all jobs are classified in a sub-channel, none are assigned
to the root level).

Next item ... Can I get a list of the channels that an item belongs to?
For instance, if I had a job that was in /jobs/it/ and /jobs/hr/, can I
read that list of channels from the item? I don't appear to have the
source code to the CmsMasterModule (or any of the com.alkacon.* files)
which appears to implement many of the things I seem to have questions
about, so I cannot 'peek' into the code to figure things out. 

Also, I seem to be having a great deal of difficulty finding
documentation regarding custom sort/filter methods for channels. Is
there anyone/anywhere I can find more information about this?

Chase Urich
Web Programmer
LeTourneau University

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