[opencms-dev] NewsOverviewPage

Joachim Arrasz info at arrasz.de
Mon Jun 16 09:47:01 CEST 2003

Hy List :-)

when i try to integrate Andreas NewsOverview Page in a enviroment with
JSP Pages i have the problem that when i integrate the xml-template i
can`t use the class NewsTemplate. Every time i try the class
CmsXmlTemplate will be called. I understand why but i don`t find any way
for a possible workaround. Is it possible to use this class like a bean,
with a "usebean" statement in a jsp? But when this is possible how can i
set the parameters for the channelname before the call comes? Just use a
put like it`s described in the documentation for using JSPs?
Hope anybody can help me

Bye Achim

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