[opencms-dev] Forum Module

Dejan Krsmanovic dejan.krsmanovic at nbs.yu
Mon Jun 16 09:23:01 CEST 2003

You could also check mvnForum (http://www.mvnforum.com). It is also Java
based forum released under GPL licence with active development. They use
their proprietary MVC framework -myVietnam but there was discussions about
switching to Struts.


>          By the way, Meinds is an open-source but dead project. There has
> been no traffic on the Meinds developers' mailing list for many months.
> Meinds was a Java web application (implemented in servlets) and a fork of
> Jive (at www.jiveSoftware.com), which is now proprietary (and expensive).
> See http://meinds.SourceForge.net or
>          A similiar project still enjoying active developement is
> lightningBoard.sourceforge.net. It's open source and in Java. Perhaps you
> could run OpenCMS and LightningBoard in the same servlet container. That's
> probably what Wolverhampton.gov.uk did with Meinds and OpenCMS.
> Sincerely,
> Paul Bain
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