[opencms-dev] Access rights and user (groups) problem

ambiesense at gmx.de ambiesense at gmx.de
Sun Jun 15 18:37:01 CEST 2003


I would like to solve a permission, access right problem...

I would like to have a set of users, which are allowed to change the
directory structure in a project (for example add new directories with files, change
them). All this users are member of a developer group who is allowed to read
and copy files of the others to their location, BUT NOT allow to change
something from another member of the group. 

So far I created the members and the developer user group. When I switch the
user, I cannot see the directory structure of one of the other users. Why?
Is there a solution for that problem. It would be also possible that every
user has a project and the other users have to switch the project to see others
work. Whould this be possible?

What do I have to do that each member is allowed to publish their project
(if project is shared / if project is not shared) ?

(Of course I want a solution, where I do not need to change permissions via
Admin manually (which would be all the time). While the users use OpenCMS the
permission should be set correctly according to their user groups and
hierarchy in groups.)

Can somebody give me a detailed description of how to do this? Any help
would be hightly appreciated!


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