[opencms-dev] article management module

Paul D. Bain paulbain at pobox.com
Sun Jun 15 07:37:01 CEST 2003

At Wednesday 6/11/03 03:08 AM, N. Delsaux wrote:
>On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 22:38:09 +0200, Ulrich Rueth <ulrich.rueth at gmx.de> wrote:
>>Hi Nicolas,
>>I have written my own article management "module" (it's not really a module
>>yet, it still is part of other self-made classes, but it could be isolated).
>>----------- <snip> -----------
>It seems to me very interesting : you have a better knowledge of OpenCMS 
>than me, but I have much more time to work on stuff like that.
>>As I said, all is fitted to my own homepage (www.rueth.info, all is exported
>> > statically there, I don't have an own server), so it would be a bit of 
>> work
>>to isolate and document it.
>My company is currently planning to develop a website about Java and Open 
>Source (in french). For this site, as you may have guessed, we use OpenCMS 
>and need an article module. So, I think I can develop further your work, 
>if you give me precise development ways and issues.
>Of course, this code will be released under an open-source license.
>If you agree with those terms, I suggest [we] continue this discussion by 
>mail, since the main OpenCMS list may not be the better place to discuss 
>>Please tell me if interested.
>Yes, I am ;-)


         I am interested in having such a module, too. I probably would 
_not_ be able to contribute the development of such a module, however, 
because I am still trying to learn how to administer OpenCMS and develop 
under it.

Paul Bain

>Nicolas Delsaux

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