[opencms-dev] Forum Module

Paul D. Bain paulbain at pobox.com
Sat Jun 14 08:33:01 CEST 2003

At Friday 6/13/03 09:45 AM, Pierre Tissot wrote:

>I'm thinking of produc[ing] a forum module, but before starting I'm asking if
>somebody have already produce[d] one and if he can share with us that module.


         You are at least the second or third person to express (on this 
mailing list) a desire to develop such a module. Alex Londkevich 
(lond at udm.ru) mentioned doing a forum module on 23 March (on this mailing 
list). Perhaps you and he could collaborate. If you searched the archives, 
perhaps you could find more prospective collaborators.

         Also, see this URL: 
http://www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/webocracy/forumpoll.htm. When I discovered 
this URL in March, the forum (linked at the center of the page) software 
used was Meinds, not an OpenCMS module, but the polling software appeared 
to be an OpenCMS module. Now, the links to both the forum and the poll have 
ceased to work correctly, but it is possible that the links will be 
restored. A related project states that its goal is to provide a web forum 
as well as a web CMS. See http://www.webocrat.org/ (half-way down the 
page). I hope that that means that the forum and poll will be restored 

         By the way, Meinds is an open-source but dead project. There has 
been no traffic on the Meinds developers' mailing list for many months. 
Meinds was a Java web application (implemented in servlets) and a fork of 
Jive (at www.jiveSoftware.com), which is now proprietary (and expensive). 
See http://meinds.SourceForge.net or http://sourceforge.net/projects/meinds/.

         A similiar project still enjoying active developement is 
lightningBoard.sourceforge.net. It's open source and in Java. Perhaps you 
could run OpenCMS and LightningBoard in the same servlet container. That's 
probably what Wolverhampton.gov.uk did with Meinds and OpenCMS.

Paul Bain

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