[opencms-dev] Issue with getNavigationForFolder

Nicolas Delsaux nicolas.delsaux at online.fr
Fri Jun 13 14:55:02 CEST 2003

Hi all,
Yes, I know I may be quite dumb using OpenCMS. But one more time, I'm 
facing a strange issue.
In my recursive method (already discussed), I use ArrayList files = 
cms.getNavigation().getNavigationForFolder(uri); (where URI is 
cms.getRequestContext().getUri();) to get all the files in a directory.
And unfortunatly, I get all my site hierarchy. Of course, it gives me an 
easy site map, but it's obviously not what I want. In fact, I would prefer 
to see getNavigationForFolder behave as expected.
I've removed the recursive part, and the list I get is the root list.
Can someone explain me why I have this strange issue ?

Here is the full jsp code.

<%@ page session="false" 
import="com.opencms.flex.jsp.*,com.opencms.file.*,java.util.*" %><%--

public void listFilesAndFolders(java.io.Writer out, 
com.opencms.flex.jsp.CmsJspActionElement cms, String uri, boolean 
recursive) throws Exception {
	String desc;
	out.write("<!-- "+uri+" -->\n");
	ArrayList files = cms.getNavigation().getNavigationForFolder(uri);
	if(files.size() > 0) {
		out.write("<ul class=\"list-files\">\n");
		Iterator iter = files.iterator();
		CmsJspNavElement nav;
		String target;
		while(iter.hasNext()) {
			nav = (CmsJspNavElement) iter.next();
			if(nav!=null) {
				target = nav.getResourceName();
				out.write("\t<li class=\"list-files\">");
				if(nav.isFolderLink()) {
					target = cms.link(target + "index.jsp");
				} else { // else if folderLink
					target = cms.link(target);
				} // end if folderLink
				out.write("<!-- "+nav.getResourceName()+" --><a class=\"list-files\" 
				desc = nav.getDescription();
				if(desc!=null) out.write("  "+desc);
				if(nav.isFolderLink() && recursive) {
					// listFilesAndFolders(out, cms, nav.getResourceName(), recursive);
			} // end if nav!=null
		} // end while
	} // end if size>0 } // end method %>

<% com.opencms.flex.jsp.CmsJspActionElement cms = new 
com.opencms.flex.jsp.CmsJspActionElement(pageContext, request, response);
String uri = cms.getRequestContext().getUri();
uri = uri.substring(0, uri.lastIndexOf("/"));
listFilesAndFolders(out, cms, uri, true);

It is used in the destination jsp the following way :

<%@ page session="false" 
<%@ taglib prefix="cms" uri="http://www.opencms.org/taglib/cms" %>

<cms:include property="template" suffix=".jsp" element="head" />

<cms:include page="/system/modules/com.linagora.open- 

<cms:include property="template" suffix=".jsp" element="foot" />

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