[opencms-dev] First time install OK, but login page is 404

Thomas März thomasmaerz at gmx.de
Fri Jun 13 07:47:02 CEST 2003

"Au Yong Tien Chee" <auyongtc at hostsync.net> writes:
> I installed OpenCMS 5.0 just fine but the login page 
> http://www.pdabistro.com/opencms/opencms/system/login/ link doesn't work
> (it gave me error 404)
> But the first landing page after install
> http://www.pdabistro.com/opencms/opencms/index.jsp is working fine but
> the image links are not working.
> Is there something wrong with my setup of OpenCMS where the VFS is a bit
> screwy?
> I'm using a virtual host implementation where the AppBase was
> /home/pda/public_html/ and I left the opencms.war there for it to be
> unpacked when Tomcat restarted. Then I proceeded with the install like
> in the installation guide. But then now I can't reach the login page,
> page was not found - error 404.

Make sure the WAR file is extracted correctly.
Then reinstall OpenCms and view the OpenCms Log if there were any error

Best Regards,
Thomas März

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