[opencms-dev] Problem with SQL server and opencms 5.0

Ariel Spivakovsky ariels at eudoramail.com
Thu Jun 12 22:47:01 CEST 2003

I am running opencms5_rc2 on Linux with a SQL Server DB and Inet driver and it works fine.

When I try to install opencms 5.0 I get errors that look like this:

com.opencms.core.CmsException: 4 Sql exception. Detailed error: [com.opencms.file.mssql.CmsDbAccess] [TDS Driver]Wrong number of parameters. 
root cause was java.sql.SQLException: [TDS Driver]Wrong number of parameters 

I found that another user had the same problem using SQL server but a different driver.  
Original post: http://mail.opencms.org/pipermail/opencms-dev/2003q2/004504.html

My original problem with version 5_rc2 was importing documentation modules.


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