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Thu Jun 12 14:11:01 CEST 2003

Resize your pictures before you upload them to a gallery ... it is bad
practice to define an image with a different size than it actually has
(ie. by using the wysiwyg image resize). Simply copy (drag & drop) the
picture onto your page without any resizing and all will be fine in all
browsers ... except maybe lynx :)

All the code I have seen has been fine, although I tend to use the
source code editor to clean up pages created by others using the wysiwyg

All the besr,


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I have a question about the Wysiwig editor as well:

A lot of html-code generated by the editor-control is not very
For example, if I place an image into my page, the resulting img-tag
uses the style-attribute to set the width and height of the pic.
In Netscape 4.x for example (alright, it's not very popular any more,
but nonetheless...) this simply destroys the layout.

Is there anyway to manipulate the output of the editor control? 
I guess, Microsoft hasn't made this control opensource, have they ;-) ?

How do you handle those kind of problems in your projects?


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