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Nicolas Delsaux nicolas.delsaux at
Wed Jun 11 09:16:01 CEST 2003

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 22:38:09 +0200, Ulrich Rueth <ulrich.rueth at> 

> Hi Nicolas,
> I have written my own article management "module" (it's not really a 
> module
> yet, it still is part of other self-made classes, but it could be 
> isolated).
> It uses one single xml file for each article. This can include author, 
> date,
> title, subtitle, summary, and one or more section, each of which consists 
> of
> text, images and/or links. There is a element (jsp) where all articles of
> one certain folder are summarised, which you can include in any page (the
> location of the articles folder needs to be specified in a property of 
> this
> page), and if you click the "Read" link ("Lesen" in German), the article 
> is
> generated from the xml file. Like this, you have one single source of
> information. For the article itself, there is a jsptemplate. There is no
> administration view or whatsoever, you need to edit the article xml files
> directly.

It seems to me very interesting : you have a better knowledge of OpenCMS 
than me, but I have much more time to work on stuff like that.
> As I said, all is fitted to my own homepage (, all is 
> exported
> statically there, I don't have an own server), so it would be a bit of 
> work
> to isolate and document it. But if others then further develop it, I 
> might
> be willing to do this work... Question is only when, I don't have much 
> time
> left...

My company is currently planning to develop a website about Java and Open 
Source (in french). For this site, as you ay have guessed, we use OpenCMS 
and need an article module. So, I think I can develop further your work, if 
you give me precise development ways and issues.
Of course, this code will be released under an open-source license.
If ou agree with those terms, I suggest you to continue this discussion by 
mail, since the main OpenCMS list may not be the better place to discuss.
> Please tell me if interested.

Yes, I am ;-)
> Regards,
> Ulrich

Nicolas Delsaux
"La société ne veut pas de nous ? Qu'elle se rassure, on ne veut pas d'elle 

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