[opencms-dev] Communication Link Error

Steve steven at livingimpact.com.my
Wed Jun 11 05:27:02 CEST 2003

Hi all,

    I already contacted the hosting company and they claim that there is no firewall for the mysql server. Btw how to set connection pool to use "keep alives"? Is the setting done in opencms or mysql server?

Thanks a lot,
Steven Ho
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  Hi Steve,

  Just guessing, but is it possible that your connection to your database is via a firewall that times out your database connections?
  I know we have had similar issues in the past with other applications we have hosted. If the connection pool uses "keep alives" you can avoid this problem. If it is indeed this problem that is actually occurring.

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    Hi all,

        I have deployed a website using which occasionally have error mesg that display mysql exception: communication link error. The current workaround I have now is to use a webpage that keep refreshing the website, this way the communication link would not appear. 
        Anyone have experience in this, I have surf the archive b4 and tried updating mysql-J connector to the latest release. But nothing work.

    Thanks in advance,
    Steven Ho

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