[opencms-dev] tomcat realms or what ?

Martin Koeck martin.koeck at gmx.net
Tue Jun 10 16:57:01 CEST 2003


> Did you change the access rights of your files/folders? 

yes ...

> For example if you would take away the read access right for "others" from a 
> file and someone would request this file without being logged in, opencms 
> would force the webserver (tomcat) to send a basic authentication dialog.

thx, that leads me in the right direction: I was not aware that basic 
authentication was the default, and changed the value in 
opencms.properties. This leads to the next problem: what do I have to 
set "auth.form_uri=" to, if I do not want any authentication at all ?

what I basically want, is that as long as users are logged in only as 
"guest" they do not see certain resources, that is, do not see some 
navigation entries.

all the rest is clear and works: when they log in via CmsObject, they 
see the rest.

best regards

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