[opencms-dev] Module source code -- How to compile

Paul D. Bain paulbain at pobox.com
Tue Jun 10 05:20:02 CEST 2003

At Monday 6/9/03 04:48 PM, Tim Mundy wrote:

>If I were to create my own module then, What steps would I have to take to 
>compile the source files? I understand that the news module is not up to 
>date, I'm only interested in the news module as an example module, my 
>actual issue is knowing how to compile a modules source files in OpenCms.


         I do not know the answer to your question. I have not actually 
attempted to compile any of the source code, not even the source code for 
the modules. I will probably attempt to do so eventually, in a month or 
two. I am still trying to learn how to administer OpenCMS.

         The OpenCMS web site states that the "module mechanism 
documentation . . . explains how to create a module, export it . . . and 
import it. See www.opencms.org/opencms/en/download/modules (the heading 
"module mechanism documentation").

-- Paul Bain

>>At Monday 6/9/03 01:29 PM, Tim Mundy wrote:
>>>I'm trying to figure out how to compile the news module and haven't 
>>>gotten much. I've installed it using pre compiled files that were kindly 
>>>sent to me by Mr. Almirov. But compiling these modules is something 
>>>else. I can compile the source from cvs, but the modules aren't compiled 
>>>when I do, How do I compile the modules? (news module in particular). 
>>>I'm sure I'm missing some sort of step in the main OpenCms build 
>>>process, but so far everything that I try doesn't work.
>>>Any suggestions?

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