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Paul D. Bain paulbain at pobox.com
Mon Jun 9 20:13:01 CEST 2003

At Monday 6/9/03 01:29 PM, Tim Mundy wrote:
>I'm trying to figure out how to compile the news module and haven't gotten 
>much. I've installed it using pre compiled files that were kindly sent to 
>me by Mr. Almirov. But compiling these modules is something else. I can 
>compile the source from cvs, but the modules aren't compiled when I do, 
>How do I compile the modules? (news module in particular). I'm sure I'm 
>missing some sort of step in the main OpenCms build process, but so far 
>everything that I try doesn't work.
>Any suggestions?


         The news module for OpenCMS 4.6 does _not_ work with OpenCMS 5.x., 
but the news module that Antonio Reyes wrote (and that I re-sent to the 
mailing list earlier today) does. I have attached hereto the _source_code_ 
for a news module that Andrea Frittoli sent to the list on 29 May 2003. Is 
it the source for the module by Anotonio Reyes? I do not know. Will the 
source code work with OpenCMS 5.x? I do not know.

-- Paul Bain

Here is Frittoli's posting, sent to the list with the source code:


these src are from the news module v4, except for the package name and 
little more
they compile against opencms.jar v5

hope it helps



Hi Berit,
I just received the news module and some sample code from some other people 
on this list today.
Unfortunatley the source code is missing and my decompiling efforts have 
not been very successful up to now.
Using JAD I just got corrupt and incomplete code. But it's enough to get an 
idea how it works.
Maybe somebody else can help out?
Frank Wunderlich . IT Freelancer
Berlin . Germany

Mail: k.frank.wunderlich at gmx.de

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