[opencms-dev] Inserting content from the HTML Gallery

Nicholas Abboud nicholas.abboud at babelfish.com
Sat Jun 7 01:20:02 CEST 2003

Hello all,

The HTML Gallery in OpenCms looks like a great way to keep the same content 
on different parts of the site but only have to make the change once. The 
problem I'm having with the HTML Gallery, though, is that none of the 
content I add to the Gallery seems to be able to be linked to any of the 
pages I create.

I edit the page in which I'd like to embed the Snippet in the WYSIWYG 
interface, and bring up the HTML Gallery pop-up .Once I bring up the right 
gallery from the drop-down list, I click on the name of the Snippet I'd 
like to link to the page and then ... nothing. What I can do is select the 
text I want from the page and then drag-and-drop it into the editing 
interface; I don't really like this way though, since it's basically the 
same as having the same content spread out among pages rather than 
centralized, which is a problem I'm trying to get around.

I suspected it might be my IE settings that were messing things up, but I 
checked them against the specs in the OpenCms manual, and they should be 
fine. (The only thing I don't have is that plug-in for the Source Code 
editing interface, but for this particular problem, that shouldn't have any 

If anybody give me a bit of help here, it would be great.

Take care,

Nicholas Abboud
Software Developer
E-mail: nicholas.abboud at babelfish.com
780-944-9964 Main
780-432-5700 Fax

The Babel Fish Corporation

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