[opencms-dev] issue with module labels displaying

Ingen, Maarten van maarten.van.ingen at satama.com
Fri Jun 6 10:38:00 CEST 2003


You have to restart opencms (by restarting tomcat) and then
workplace.properties will be read. When you change it when opencms is
running nothing wil happen.

Maarten van Ingen

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From: Nicolas Delsaux [mailto:nicolas.delsaux at online.fr] 
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Subject: [opencms-dev] issue with module labels displaying

Hi all, I've downloaded a module (the com.opencms.modules.homepage.news) 
that uses some labels in the administrative interface, and unfortunatly, 
I'm not able to have those labels translated neither in french, nor in 
I've found a properties file in the classes folder (named 
workplace.properties). Unfortunatly, it does not seems to be used by 
OpenCMS. What is happening ? Is it due to a locale prefix or suffix ? Can
someone help me to solve this issue ?

Nicolas Delsaux
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