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Fri Jun 6 10:34:01 CEST 2003

Would you please have a look at the archive next time.
Here is a explanation from Alex dated 5th February 2003:



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Hi Alex,
regarding your questions and guesses about channels...
> 1) There is any documentation about channels?
Unfortunatly not much so far.
> 2) No one on this list is using channels?
I would be suprised if many do. A pity. We do, I know one other company that
> 3) guess - Channels are intended for content categorization as a general
> purpose alternative (to be used with cms_module_master ??) to channel
> mechanism used by News module?
> 4) guess- Channels are intended for defining multiple "deploy targets",
> like different publications, etc.
Correct. It's like you create channels as a folder structure. Then you have
your content item (let's say a news item) and you have channels that are
intenend for the news items. You have output templates where you say
"display this news channel at that page", perhaps by attaching a property to
a page. When you write a news item, you select in which channels it should
appear, and multiple ones can be selected. And then the news item appears on
all the pages. Stuff like that.
> 5) Someone used channel successfully and would like to share their
> experience?
Sure, it all will be in the magic upcoming documentation, at last we will
give you what we use so far. Nothing will be held back. But I know this is
beginning to sound lame as I keep promising without delivering much (beside
that releases). I am sorry but please give us just some more weeks time.
Best Regards,
Alexander Kandzior
Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts

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Can someone please explain how I can use the channels . I can't even add a

Error when writing the channel: com.opencms.core.CmsException: 1 Access
denied. Detailed Error: [com.opencms.file.mySql.CmsResourceBroker]

I don't understand what it is trying to access here /default/cos/test/

All the best,


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