[opencms-dev] WYSIWYG Applet

Niclas Gustafsson niclas.gustafsson at codesense.com
Thu Jun 5 17:22:01 CEST 2003


What is the status of Applet WYSIWYG-support for OpenCMS 5.0?

I've read in the list archives that there was a version for RC2 with 
Java applet support built in? (opencms_5.0_rc_2_WithAppletEditor.zip),
Was this an official opencms version or was this something built
by someone outside of the core opencms team?

If i was to integrate a third-party Java Applet, how much work would
that be (On the OpenCMS-side ofcourse)? How open is the interface 
for editing files in OpenCMS, Where would i start to look? 


Niclas Gustafsson

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