[opencms-dev] WYSIWYG editor problem (2)

Nguyen La Yen Dung dny at sdcgrp.com
Thu Jun 5 13:21:01 CEST 2003


I followed exactly as written in OpenCMSDoc.pdf:

Installed OpenCMS 5.0. 
Logged in as Admin and set project "Offline".
Created a new project. 
Back to Explorer, selected "edit page" to open installation.html file, and
I've met this problem.
I don't meet problem with "edit sourcecode".

See my attachment.

Maybe I misunderstood your problem. :-)
Anyway, if anyone know how to fix the problem which I've met. Please help.

Thank you,


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Hi again.

This isn't my problem, I don't even know how I should embed the wysiwyg 
editor in my html form.  Can you show me the code you use to do it please, 
or a  pointer to the necessary documentation?



>From: Nguyen La Yen Dung <dny at sdcgrp.com>
>Reply-To: opencms-dev at opencms.org
>To: opencms-dev at opencms.org
>Subject: [opencms-dev] WYSIWYG editor problem
>Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 17:15:22 +0700
>  Hi,
>I 've met the problem as the author of "WYSIWYG editor" email had met, that
>is the WYSIWYG editor does not display.
>The error message is
>"A Runtime Error has occurred.
>Do you wish to debug?
>Line: 172
>Error: ActiveX component can't create object:
>My system: WinNT, MySQL3.23.53, OpenCMS5.0, J2sdk1.4.1, 
>Could you help?
>Do I need to use Windows 2000 instead?

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