[opencms-dev] Module Example?

Tim Mundy Tim.Mundy at babelfish.com
Wed Jun 4 17:59:01 CEST 2003


I've searched the mailing list archives and found some references to the 
OpenCms API.
Can someone tell me if this is just simply a javadoc on the source, or is 
there more
API documentation available from some other source?

I've seen the documentation modules and read through them, but I couldn't 
find any
actual example modules. The mailing list has mentioned this News module 
example, but I
couldn't find a copy of it.
Could someone send me a copy of the news module, or any other actual 
example modules?
(Even if it's not perfect, It'd be very helpful to see an existing example. 
Just maybe with a small note regarding what still needs to be done.)

Also is there any examples of master modules? Is a master module & a 
regular module completely unique? Could someone give me a practical example 
of a master module?

I'd really appreciate any additional documentation/modules that you might 
have. I'm hoping
to create a module for OpenCms, which I would then release to the community. :)

Thanks for your time,

Tim Mundy
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