[opencms-dev] OpenCMS, Tomcat, Apache, & JK2

Paul D. Bain paulbain at pobox.com
Tue Jun 3 21:09:01 CEST 2003

At Monday 6/2/03 01:12 AM, Paul Adams wrote:
>I am trying to configure OpenCMS in the following environment --
>Apache HTTPD Server 2.0.40 (Port 80)
>Tomcat 4.1 (Port 8080)
>JK2 connector (Port 8009)
>OpenCMS 5.0 RC2 (Default URI -- localhost:8080/opencms/opencms)
>What do I need to change to get Tomcat to pass a JSP request to OpenCMS 
>for serving from the VFS?
>I've not been able to find any configuration documentation to help with 
>the Apache/Tomcat/JK2 combination. I suspect I need to change something in 
>the server.xml but am not sure what.

To everyone who is posting a question that asks, 
"How-do-I-link-Apache-Tomcat-OpenCMS?" :

         I strongly suggest that you investigate the archives of this 
mailing list: tomcat-user at jakarta.apache.org. There is a great deal of 
information there on how to configure Tomcat, including how to link Apache 
with Tomcat.

-- Paul Bain

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