[opencms-dev] Table-Content Opencms-Database

Bettina Hochenal Christall2003 at web.de
Tue Jun 3 15:50:02 CEST 2003

Hi !

I'm currently looking for a ER-model of the opencms system. I've already found one in the internet (at http://www.weboholics.de) but I'm not quite sure if this one is the current one of the system. It would be nice if anyone could send me a current ER-model or show me a way how to create automatically an ER-modell of the mysql-database.

I'm also interested in the table content of the opencms-database. Does anyone tell me in which table I can find the NavText, NavLink etc. (properties) of html-pages ?? Or the state: the html-page has been published or not ?? 

I'd like to get also the PageID of the current file. There must be a method in a java class that can fulfill this task...

Many thanks in advance for your support !!

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