[opencms-dev] Problems with OpenCMS on Tomcat Root

Paul Adams paul.adams at satsumas.com
Tue Jun 3 06:32:01 CEST 2003

I am trying to set up OpenCMS as the ROOT application in a Tomcat installation. I have made the following configuration changes:
server.xml -
CoyoteConnector is running on Port 80
<Context path="" docBase="opencms" debug="0"/>
OpenCMS web.xml -

opencms.properties -

I am able to login successfully using the URL
And get the workplace, however the graphic resources are not found, as their URLs are of the format http://localhost/opencms/resources/opencms_grau.gif 
Have I missed a configuration option somewhere? 
Java JDK 1.4.1
Tomcat 4.1
OpenCMS 5.0 RC2
Paul Adams.

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