[opencms-dev] Re: Problem unlocking file after edit

Niklas Eklund niklas at curalia.se
Mon Jun 2 18:22:01 CEST 2003

Make sure that the parent folder isn't locked as well, ie the "release" 
folder in this case. It is impossible to unlock a file/folder if the 
parent folder is locked.


grenoml wrote:
>   Ok, I connected up a window box so I can use IE just to see if it
> makes any difference.  Using IE I tried the same procedure and when I
> have finished editing installation.html and back in the Explorer view I
> try to unlock the file it gives me this error:
>   The access to the selected resource is denied.
>   I'm logged in as Admin so I would think that I would have access to
> any resource.
>   Any insights on this problem please?  I am completely stuck at this
> point.
> thx,
> Gerry Reno
> --- grenoml <grenoml at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  Setup: RH9 Linux, Mozilla 1.0.1, OpenCMS_RC2 w/AppletEditor
>>  I have OpenCMS_RC2 running and Java editor applet running.  I tried
>>following the instruction in the "An Introduction to OpenCMS -
>>5.0" pdf document.  I get all the way to the part where I'm editing
>>installation.html file (~pg 13).  There is a problem:
>>  After editing you can see that the installation.html file
>>is red so it looks like the edit was saved but when I select 'Unlock'
>>on the file the entire listing in the pane goes away (its just
>>If I click on 'release' again in the left pane then the listing comes
>>back but the file installation.html still shows an open lock (which
>>means my Unlock didn't work).  This is where I am currently stuck.  I
>>have not been able to unlock this file so that it can be published.
>>  So am I doing something wrong or have I run into some bugs here?
>>Gerry Reno
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