[opencms-dev] Problem unlocking file after edit

grenoml grenoml at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 03:39:01 CEST 2003

  Setup: RH9 Linux, Mozilla 1.0.1, OpenCMS_RC2 w/AppletEditor

  I have OpenCMS_RC2 running and Java editor applet running.  I tried
following the instruction in the "An Introduction to OpenCMS - Version
5.0" pdf document.  I get all the way to the part where I'm editing the
installation.html file (~pg 13).  There is a problem:

  After editing you can see that the installation.html file
is red so it looks like the edit was saved but when I select 'Unlock'
on the file the entire listing in the pane goes away (its just blank). 
If I click on 'release' again in the left pane then the listing comes
back but the file installation.html still shows an open lock (which
means my Unlock didn't work).  This is where I am currently stuck.  I
have not been able to unlock this file so that it can be published.

  So am I doing something wrong or have I run into some bugs here?

Gerry Reno

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