[opencms-dev] integrating OpenCMS content and filesystems

grenoml grenoml at yahoo.com
Sat May 31 18:46:00 CEST 2003

  I have OpenCMS installed and have been playing around with it for a
few days.  I'm just looking at cms for this first time now and I am
hoping some OpenCMS guru can help me understand a few things related to
filesystems and static and dynamic content.

  From what I see so far it looks at though using OpenCMS maybe
requires that the entire website be stored in the DB.  Is this correct?

  Right now I have Apache-httpd serving all static content with a
servlet container such as Tomcat (on different host) serving the
dynamic content.  Do I have to re-engineer all of my sites to
incorporate cms or can I somehow integrate OpenCMS into what I do now
(Struts, JSP templates, servlets, JSTL)?  How should I approach this?

Gerry Reno

(please cc: me, I'm on digest - thanks)

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