[opencms-dev] Problems publishing a new page

Stephan Hartmann hartmann at waehrisch-feykes.de
Fri May 30 08:51:01 CEST 2003

Did you create a "page" or "plain text"? How did you edit your file? "Edit 
page" of "edit source code"?

If you created the file as "plain text" it should work like you did it (leave 
the CDATA out). If you created the file as "page" you should not edit the 
source of the control file.


Am Freitag, 30. Mai 2003 08:20 schrieben Sie:
> I am running OpenCMS on Linux using Mozilla to access the OpenCMS
> server. I tried to create a project and publish a page, but nothing
> somes up.
> I created a new folder called /lsls/
> Then I created a new project called TestEKM001.
> Then I created a new file called Test001.html.
> I did not use a template.
> I just put some very simple text in Test001.html:
> <![CDATA[ ]]><html>
>             <head>
>                 <title> This is the title </title>
>             </head>
>             <body>
>                 <p>This is the Body</p>
>             </body>
>         </html>
> Then I published the project. The "Publish Project" window said:
> ---------
> Publishing project
> Publishing /lsls/Test001.html
> Checking file system links...
> ....filesystem link check finished
> ....the project has beenpublished
> -----------
> But when I go to
> http://localhost:8080/opencms/opencms/lsls/Test001.html, the page is
> blank. When I check the source code, the HTML I wrote is not there.
> Did I skip a step? I followed the steps in the UserDoc.pdf file.
> EKMacAdie
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