[opencms-dev] Synchronisation.

David Seikel david.seikel at icemedia.com.au
Fri May 30 08:32:01 CEST 2003

Stephan Hartmann wrote:
> the file you view is only the control file of the page. It defines your 
> template and the body element. The body element which is also a template 
> contains your real page content. To edit this you have to make sure that your 
> /system/bodies folder is synchronized, too. Then you'll find your content 
> under /system/bodies/release/Page1.html

This file is also not HTML it is an XML file with two copies of your 
content.  The first copy is your content as served by openCMS, the 
second is your content as edited in openCMS's editors.  HTML editors 
anmd veiwers will probably barf at it.  Only edit it with a text or XML 
editor.  I don't know which copy you have to edit, or what happens if 
you then sync again.

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