[opencms-dev] stability problems

Fabio Agostini f.agostini at bluelemon.net
Thu May 29 16:56:01 CEST 2003

Unfortunately we've had stability problems related to opencms rc2 at tomcat 4.1.24 + mysql 3.23.54.
The problems consists of opencms errors such as 'out of memory' and stoppage of Tomcat that neither
halts nor opens the pages (infinite loading...)

These events frequently occurs one or two times a day displayed on computers with different ram and 
different processors from 300mhz to 1.5 ghz of cpu and from 128 Mb to 1024 Mb of RAM.

There might be not perfect set up parameters  or problems on rc2 ( settled with the final)?

Best regards

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     f.agostini at bluelemon.net
     Blue Lemon
     via Emilia Ponente 1667, 47023 Cesena - FC
     tel 0547 347303
     fax 0547 345336
     Italy -  http://www.bluelemon.net
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