[opencms-dev] Javascript problem in OpenCMS in my system

Isak-Rickyanto iseec2k at telkom.net
Thu May 29 10:00:00 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,

My name Isak Rickyanto, this is my first posting

I am looking free CMS and found openCMS is the complete 
and the best solution.. I have successfully installed 
OpenCMS 5, but I found a little problem. I have search the 
mailing list archive too but I don't found the solution

I find maybe there is javascript problem with OpenCMS 5 in 
my computer..
I use Win XP SP1, IE 6.

My problems:
1. Login page cannot redirect me to workspace. I found 
there are some people get problem like me in mailist 

2. When I imported the documentation module... It work.. 
but opencms display the success message not correctly.. 
the message should appear in the windows box like.. but I 
get javascript code in the top of the box.. and the box is 

3. In explorer view, If i click the file I saw the 
javascript:top.openwinfull('path') in status bar...It does 
I don't know what  it will do if i click the file but I 
think it should show the preview of the file.. Right?? 
Sorry because it is my first time with Open CMS. In my 
browser.. It make nothing... 

3. I try to add new file.. in the documentation module.. 
It work.. but when I try to delete it.. It show Please 
wait... But it doesn't work... Why? 

Thank's for every help...

Best regards
Isak Rickyanto
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