AW: [opencms-dev] Custom Content Definitions

Frank Wunderlich k.frank.wunderlich at
Thu May 29 00:45:02 CEST 2003

Hi Berit,
I just received the news module and some sample code from some other
people on this list today.
Unfortunatley the source code is missing and my decompiling efforts have
not been very successful up to now.
Using JAD I just got corrupt and incomplete code. But it's enough to get
an idea how it works.
Maybe somebody else can help out?
Frank Wunderlich . IT Freelancer
Berlin . Germany

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I'm new to openCMS... I'm strongly interested in creating my own content
definitions - unfortunately documentation therefore isn't really clear
for me. I read the pdf-documentation - but still don't know where
exactly to define my definitions. I already managed to create a new
module - but until now it's empty :-(

Does anybody can give a how-to-define-content-definitions and a fitting
backoffice Module - Tutorial for beginners to me?

Besides I'd like to have a look on the news module (for 5.0) - but
eventhough I found a lot of entries about it in the mailings list
archives I couldn't manage to find an attachment or other possibility to
download ist. Please, could someone mail it to me?


Thanks a lot in advance - hoping for some answers for an openCMS-newy.

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