[opencms-dev] Publishing Corrupts Properties

Steele, Jeffrey steelej at DCSC.GOV
Wed May 28 15:48:01 CEST 2003


I sent a message about this yesterday, but didn't receive any responses.
Maybe I didn't explain well enough, so I'll try again.

1) I have created three new properties for a jsptemplate file: picture,
picdimensions, and caption. I have then created a page using that template
file. In the page, I attempt to use the property values as follows:

<img alt="<cms:property name="caption" />"
src="<cms:link>../resources/<cms:property name="picture" /></cms:link>"
<cms:property name="picdimensions" /> />

In the offline site, the resulting html is correct. Here is an example:

<img alt="Anne B. Wicks Executive Officer"
pg" height="183" width="144" />

However, it the exported or online sites, the html get corrupted as such:

<img alt=""
src="/opencms/opencms/system/modules/com.opencms.dccweb/resources/Anne B.
Wicks <br />Executive Officer" AWicks01.jpg />
<br />

It seems like all the cms:property stuff gets shifted one posistion. Has
anybody run into this before or do you know of a solution?

Thanks much. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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