[opencms-dev] Some noobs problem or bug ?

Tristan Roddis tristan at roddis.org
Wed May 28 11:57:01 CEST 2003

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 11:04:09AM +0200, Alexander Kandzior wrote:
> Tristan
> > We are having the same problem in that none of our dynamic 
> > content (stored in the mastermodule tables) is available when 
> > we switch between Online and Offline Projects in the admin system.
> When you say "stored in the mastermodule tables" are you talking about
> the database table CMS_MODULE_MASTER? 

Yes, exactly. We seem to be having trouble getting content stored there to
publish in the online project, despite having implemented 
the publishProject() method in the content defintion.

I'm trying to trace what's going on, and to begin with, it seems that the 
table CMS_MODULE_ONLINE_MASTER is not always being populated when I hit 
Publish (I emptied the table of data, and then re-published the project to 
see if the table would fill up, which it didn't. I also tried creating a 
new content element that correctly got added to CMS_MODULE_MASTER but not 
to CMS_MODULE_ONLINE_MASTER even after publishing)

There also seems to be some trouble getting this content to publish - when 
I manually copied everything from CMS_MODULE_MASTER to 
CMS_MODULE_ONLINE_MASTER, then the 'dynamic' pages at 
/opencms/opencms/blah still showed what appeared to be static content for 
the online project. I.e. myfile.html?ID=1 and myfile.html?ID=2 gave 
exactly the same page, despite the fact that they show different pages in 
the offline project.

Do you have any ideas what this could be casued by? We are using OpenCMS 

Thanks in advance,


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