[opencms-dev] Javascript in HTML (plain) files

Mark Miller mark.miller at hema.ch
Wed May 28 09:36:01 CEST 2003

How do I stop the IE page editor from screwing around with my javascript
???? . I have put the javascript code in using the source editor, but I
want others to be able to edit the page using the page editor. When the
page is saved it messes about and puts all sorts of line breaks in the
code which in short, breaks it.
I still don't really understand how to set links in these html plain
pages. I am setting a background and using an image map
This works fine and the link gets translated
.jpg" align=left border=0>
This link I have to put in manually for the statically exported site .
will not translate
<table width='600' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='0'
These will also not translate
<MAP name='dienstleistung'>
<area shape=RECT coords="145,25,260,125"
href="products/crm/consolidate_4_0.html" alt="crm ">
This means I have to put the link in as it would be on the statically
exported site (not such a big deal) but means I can't test from the
dynamic site.
I did try to use the <link> tag but to no avail.
Any help greatly appreciated.
All the best,
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