[opencms-dev] Properties of Links not published

Rod Thorburn rod.thorburn at pavtech.co.nz
Tue May 27 03:55:02 CEST 2003

In a working installation of opencms 5.0, using the opencms wizard I have
created a Link object that points to a html page in another directory. When
creating the link, the option to "Keep Current Properties" is checked. Of
interest in this case are three properties - Title, Keywords and Description
which I use to display details about the link (via a JSP). During creation
of the Link the properties are propagated from the source object (the html
page) to the link object. I do not change these properties, nor would want

All works fine in an offline project. However, when the Links are published,
only the "Title" property is published. The other two are ignored, and their
corresponding values are displayed as "null" when rendered on a page (via
JSP). To confirm, in the online project when I view the Properties of the
Link, only the "Title" property is shown.

I have checked "Properties Management" in the Administration view and
confirm that "Keywords" and "Description" are valid properties for Links.

I've added a "Template" and an "Export = false" Property to the Link, and
curiously enough these properties get published, whereas 'Keywords" and
"Description" are still ignored.

Has anybody experienced this behaviour or know of a solution?

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