[opencms-dev] Caching in static export???

Ulrich Rueth ulrich.rueth at gmx.de
Sun May 25 18:07:01 CEST 2003

I have found the following bahaviour: I have a jsp which (dynamically)
builds a link to another jsp with 5 parameters. In a previous version, this
link had only 2 parameters. (The numbers don't really matter here, it's just
an example.)
When I click the produced link in the offline or online version within
opencms, everything is fine, the link has its 5 parameters. But when I do a
static export of the project, opencms seems to use an old version of this
jsp, as this link only has 2 parameters. This leads to a wrong result.

Are the jsps somehow cached? Where can I remove the cached versions? What
parameters do I have to set and where?


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