[opencms-dev] Static Export/Publish to WebServer Using FTP

Kim Altintop kim at deepfx.com
Fri May 23 12:50:02 CEST 2003

Hi Thomas,

Thomas März wrote:
> OpenCMS [1] --> Publisher ---------------> Receiver --> OpenCMS [2] --> VFS

> You want to you use _all_ the same resources in OpenCMS [1] as in
> OpenCMS [2], and not, mentioned as above, just a part of it, and this is
> also the _only_ thing you want to be the same: the VFS.

No, just like your replication classes: define resources in [1] 
(project, file) to be "exported" to a defined target [2] (or multiple 
targets [3], [4], ...). The only difference would be that the VFS would 
be used instead of the "physical" FS. This would allow a developer to 
implement different "handlers" on the receiving side, e.g. when running 
a shopping module on [2] that needs to read inventory data from [1].

> Isn't it possible only to update the according DB tables of [2] as they
> are in OpenCMS [2]? Or did I lose the plot? 

Well, I thought of this for my upcoming project, where it would be 
sufficient to have "full replication". This could be done using the 
MySQL replication mechanism (if [1] is reachable from the internet...) 
or by FTPing the table files from [1] to [2]. Of course, this is not an 
elegant solution (once again...) and I'm currently taking a closer look 
at the OpenCMS source in order to find out what Alex could have been 
referring to by stating :

   > We are currently working on the database layer,
   > and the changes we make will make replication easier to achive


> (Since I read "Am I breaking a fly on the wheel?" I fancy english
> proverbs much more than german proverps)

lol! To be honest: dict.leo.org is getting pretty sophisticated here ;-)


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