[opencms-dev] The relativeroot property

Mark Miller mark.miller at hema.ch
Thu May 22 16:09:02 CEST 2003

Hello there,
My first post to this list so a little shy :-)
Can anyone let me know how the relativeroot property works .. I have
tried, but to no avail, to implement it.
I have a project with the following exported structures
/system/modules/MYMOD/resources/css                           ->
exported to /www/resources/css
/system/modules/MYMOD/resources/images                      -> exported
to /www/resources/images
/www/ (html content files)
-> exported to /www/
all are statically exported to a /www/ directory. I want to set the
relative root to /www/ so that all links will start off with /www/ being
the root
ie. A html content file should reference an image in resources/images/
and NOT in /www/resources/images/
This way I can then copy the contents of the www folder directly to my
web server.
Or am I thinking about this in the wrong way ????
Many thanks in advance,
PS. I am very new to CMS in general . so sorry if a silly question
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