[opencms-dev] compiling opencms with JBuilder 7

Vassilios Stathopoulos vstath at telecom.ntua.gr
Thu May 22 13:31:02 CEST 2003

Dear Le, 

Thanks for the info. I finally manage to compile the files of opencms that you have sent to me by using JBuilder. It seems ok now.
I was wondering what is the next step for running the application. When using the binary distribution of opencms I actually put the war file within the tomcat and then start tomcat. Hence, I am able to invoke html requests and run the opencms...just following the instructions of how to run the opencms...from the documentation..I do nothing more...thats ok
My question is now that I have compiled the code through the Jbuilder, what is the next step that I have to follow to run and deploy the opencms and be able to see it...just as I have done with the binary distribution...
Thanks in advance
V. S. 
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