[opencms-dev] OpenCMS hanging

Tristan Roddis tristan at roddis.org
Thu May 22 11:51:01 CEST 2003

Perodically, we are getting a problem where OpenCMS hangs completely - all 
attempts by a browser to connect result in them getting stuck in the 
'loading page' loop forever.

When this happens, there appear to be a whole load of Java processes 
running (> 50), and running the Tomcat shutdown script reduces these by a 
few. Re-running the shutdown results in the error given below, but will 
kill off more of the processes. However, there will always be some that 
remain (39 for the last time this happened) that just will not go away 
until I explicitly run a kill command on the first PID in the list.

So, what's going on? Why could one of the OpenCMS processes be hogging the
port and then not dying when told to by Tomcat?

Does anybody have any suggestions, or ideas for places that I could look 
to try to work out what's going on and stop this behaviour?

I am using OpenCMS 4.77 with Tomcat 4.06 and JDK 1.4.1_02 on Linux.



tristan at roddis.org                              http://www.roddis.org

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