[opencms-dev] how to compile opencms with JBuilder

Vassilios Stathopoulos vstath at telecom.ntua.gr
Thu May 22 09:57:00 CEST 2003

Hello to whom read this mesasge, 

We have currently downloaded the opencms and run it sucesfully. Thats ok.
We have also compiled the source code of opencms sucesfully by using Ant.
We currently try to compile the opencms system by using JBuilder 7 in order to debug the all process and understand the source code and how it works. We encounter some problems here. Jbuilder 7 uses java 1.3 and Ant for its compilation process. By using JBuilder we are not able to compile the opencms code. Why? We also set JBuilder 7 to use java 1.4 but the Ant (used by JBuilder) fails to start and compile opencms. Do we have any suggestion to this and how we can overcome this problem? (Is the JBuilder version 7 able to cause this problem?Our aim is to be able to compile the code and then debug it through its run time, in order to understand how the functionality of the system works.

Thanks in advance

V. S. 
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